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The Best Free Online HTML Editor Tools

The most common cause of the ugly HTML source is the use of an inappropiate WYSIWYG editor. You don't have to know HTML coding at all in order to generate web code from a Microsoft Word document, a PDF, or any other visual document. Most Content Management Systems have their own, built-in word editors and the web admins never check the code generated by these tools, however they should.

We have collected the best online HTML editors and converter tool kits that guarantee a valid source code for your website and articles. All the sites presented below provide an online interface to compose the code without registration, login and without downloading and installing any program.

Online HTML Editor

Online HTML EditorThis online HTML editor is great because you can compose your articles accessing the visual editor and the source editor side-by-side. Many important features have been included, such as the "Gibberish text generator", "Find and replace tool", "Color Picker", etc.
Online HTML Editor

HTML Editor Tool Kit

Ultimate Online HTML Editor ToolkitThis is the premium version of the above-mentioned tool which has even more features. It has a free trial version too but the payed subscription brings you some additional features, like the "Tag manager" which can be used to replace/modify/delete automatically the tags in the document.
HTML Editor by HTML G

HTML5 Editor

Similar to the previous websites, this is a simplified but still great tool to compose and convert HTML5 documents.
HTML5 Editor .Net

HTML Cleaner

HTML Cleaner, Word To clean HTML ConverterWith many cleaning options you can use this HTML Cleaner to remove dirty markup from your code which mainly comes in when you convert from a Word/PDF or any other visual document. Remove tag attributes, inline styles, classes and IDs, successive  s, empty tags and convert HTML tables to structured DIV elements with custom classes. The site has its own online case converter.
HTML Cleaner - Word To HTML Converter

Please note that the above-mentioned tools might have changed since we reviewed them and some information on this page might be outdated. We try to update our list regularly but we can't guarantee that third-party website descriptions are always accurate.

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